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Michael Rouphael Aoun is a dedicated medical student at Université Paris Cité. Concurrently pursuing master’s degrees in Public Health and Immunology at Université Paris Cité and Sorbonne University, respectively. Driven by an aspiration to become a neurosurgeon-scientist, Aoun's research focus is on the development and application of gene circuitry within the field of cancer immunology, aiming to pioneer advanced treatments for brain cancer. In January 2024, he furthered his commitment to this goal by joining the Synthetic Immunity Lab at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Beyond his scientific pursuits, Aoun’s passion for philosophy, humanities, and poetry infuses his research journey with profound meaning, emphasizing a holistic approach that seeks to unravel the complexities of the human condition. Apart from his professional and academic pursuits, Aoun's passion for alpinism and scuba diving showcases his adventurous spirit and resilience.

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