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Luca Scimeca is a Postdoctoral Fellow in Wu’s Lab, focusing on the use of Machine Learning for Medical applications. His background and expertise extend to Deep Learning, Probabilistic Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Robotics. Prior to his current position, Luca was an AI Researcher at Naver Labs, and a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, where he conducted research at the university’s Biologically Inspired Robotics Laboratory (BIRL).


Luca received his First-Class Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering from the University of Edinburgh, where he graduated summa cum laude, obtaining the Class award and Howe Prize for the best performance in Artificial Intelligence. In 2020 Luca Scimeca received his PhD in Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) from the University of Cambridge. During the course of his research career Luca has taken part to several research projects and competitions which led to over 14 high profile conference and journal publications, and over 13 awards, 9 of which paid scholarships for academic performance.

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